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A Studio Apartment Vs. A One-Bedroom Apartment In Fishers

September 29, 2020

Exterior of Park 66 Apartments

As you start your search for apartments in Fishers, you'll see a wide range of floorplan options. Let’s assume that you want to live alone or with a roommate. In that case, you might be leaning toward a studio apartments or one-bedroom units.

Apartments with one bedroom feature a separate space for catching a good night’s sleep. On the other hand, studio apartments include all of your eating, sleeping and living areas into one large room. Each choice has its advantages, but what is right for you? Let's make a comparison between a studio apartment versus a one-bedroom apartment.

Reasons for Choosing A One-Bedroom Apartment In Fishers

Model living room in a Fishers apartment.

As the name suggests, one-bedroom apartments have a separate room for resting. That gives you extra privacy, a valuable commodity if you live with another person. Would you like to know the other advantages of a one-bedroom apartment in Fishers?

  • Close the bedroom door to reduce noise from the main living space.
  • Easier to separate quiet time and entertaining.
  • You have the room you need for personal belongings.
  • Separate rooms make it easier to decorate.

Benefits Of A Studio Apartment In Fishers

Model studio apartment in Fishers.

A studio apartment includes a bathroom, but only one room for everything else. The sleeping, dining, and living areas are combined into an open-concept living arrangement. But beyond the flowing, single-room layout, you have more reasons to love a studio apartment.

  • One area means less to clean.
  • Spend less on gas and electricity to heat or cool one room.
  • Perfect for a first apartment.
  • Save money without the need of a roommate.

More to Consider For A Studio Apartment Vs A One-Bedroom Apartment In Fishers

Even after knowing the key differentiators of studio and one-bedroom apartments, it may be tough to decide. For instance, a studio apartment has more privacy limitations than a one-bedroom. When living with a friend, partner, or family member, it's hard to find personal time. The last thing you need is to escape to the bathroom. In addition, on nights you’re entertaining, your guests might use your bed as a sitting area.

However, studios can make life easier. If you can live without a bedroom, you can get out of bed, grab some breakfast, and get to work in a short time. This layout is a breeze to clean, and will lower your costs for heating and cooling. With a lower rent bill, a studio could be great for individuals who think of apartments as just a place to lay your head for a couple of hours.

Find The Perfect Apartment For Your Lifestyle

Open kitchen in a Fishers apartment.

The best way to break the indecision between a studio apartment vs. a one-bedroom apartment in Fishers is to explore the great choices at The Flats at Switch. Call one of our knowledgeable leasing agents today at 317-597-5275 or click the "schedule a tour" button. We'll be happy to give you a tour and help you find the ideal apartment.