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Do You Need A Storage Unit For Your Apartment In Fishers?

Do you ever feel like you have more furnishings than square footage in your Fishers apartment? You might have moved into a cozier space from a larger home, inherited some family heirlooms, or combined households with a partner.

Regardless of the reason why, It’s difficult to appreciate your time with family and friends in an overstuffed apartment. Leasing a storage unit in Fishers is one possibility, or you can consider one of these other ideas, such as leasing garage space from your apartment complex in order to keep your things next door to where you live.
Storage space in a master bedroom closet.

Minimize Clutter To Free Up Space In Your Fishers Apartment

Do you recall how open your apartment felt when you first called it home? But then you filled it with your many furnishing, and suddenly the walls closed in. The square footage is still there. You simply have to locate it from under your abundance of belongings!

The easiest way to uncover more space in your apartment is to get rid of things by putting them into categories. Tag belongings as "donate," "keep," or "trash." Toss out any possession that is classified as trash. Place things you want to give away in boxes or take them to someone who can use them. The next step is to reorganize the things you are saving. Chances are you’ll be shocked to see how much available room you have when it’s not overwhelmed by clutter!

Storage space in a master bedroom closet.

Reorganize Clutter to Combat Chaos

Sometimes the problem isn’t the amount of stuff; it’s that your stuff isn’t where it should be. When you leave clothes or personal effects sitting about in random places, you will have little living space left. Simple organization goes a long way toward a less chaotic lifestyle.

Some floor plans offer more storage space than others, but even in cozy confines, there is typically a place for storage if you get creative. Stow things on the floor under the bed or within larger cabinets and entertainment centers. Use vertical storage solutions such as over-the-door storage racks and hooks on walls. Consider using multi-functional furniture like a storage ottoman that also acts as seating. Assigning a place for all of your belongings will give you more available room and keep your apartment neat and welcoming.

Outdoor storage in a Fishers apartment community.

Benefit From Your Property’s Storage Space

You may find that no amount of organizing and picking up will resolve your apartment’s storage limitations. When you possess larger items or prized family heirlooms that you would like to hold on to but take up too much room in your apartment, you likely need a separate location to store them.

Many Fishers apartment communities now provide on-site storage space to Residents. Whether that’s detached garages, dedicated private storage units, or smaller lockers, if your property rents any of these as one of their incredible amenities, take full advantage of it.

While it might cost you an extra monthly fee, this solution keeps your belongings secured in the same complex but out of your living space. You might find this advantage is worth the added payment.

Rent A Fishers Storage Unit

If you have no other choice, you may need to find a storage unit in another part of Fishers. While this is the most costly and inconvenient choice, storage units provide all the room you need to stow things you can’t fit into your apartment.

Storage units are useful for possessions that need specific temperature settings or if you have security concerns. They have a range of sizes, so you can find a unit that is perfect for your unique situation. An additional bonus: when moving within the same city, you won’t be required to pack up all the stuff in your storage unit!

Find a Home That’s More Than Somewhere to Put Your Belongings in Fishers

One more consideration when the apartment you live in no longer accommodates your lifestyle and your belongings is getting a new place! The spacious apartment floor plans and range of amenities at The Flats at Switch give you all the room you want to live life to its fullest. Currently living on site but interested in a different unit? We make it easy to relocate within our complex or to one of our sister properties. To find the right layout for you, reach out to our leasing specialists today by placing a call to 317-597-5275 or by using the “schedule a tour” button.

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