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How to Organize the Perfect Closet 101

You have unearthed the most outstanding apartment. Natural light is bellowing in through the windows, the kitchen are spacious, and you can't wait to soak in the garden tub. As you start unpacking your items into the closet, it becomes apparent you may have too many clothes. And shoes. Maybe your friend won the better closet, your spouse actually has more to hang up, or the space is more cramped than you thought. Here are a few tricks to make the most out of your closet.

Hangers Trump Folded Piles!

Hangers are typically accepted as a necessary evil. Buying hangers is an errand and not treated as exciting. However, the types of hangers you pick in your closet can increase or minimize space. Using velvet hangers will free up so much availability in your closet and velvet hangers are not super expensive. Also, keep your hangers the same color. It's all too easy to become distracted by unorganized hangers.
save room in your apartment closet

Have a Purpose to Organizing!

After you've made the switch to your hanger of choice, organize your clothes by color and sleeve length. We have all been there - combing through tops to find your go-to sleeveless blue button up. Organizing your closet from light to dark is easy, but make it fun! Don’t forget you’re the one who has to see it every day.

Don't Think you can't Fold SOME Clothes!

Not every item must be on a hanger. Your shirts, sweaters and jeans can all be folded into drawers or put away neatly on your closet shelves. Folding items will keep the closet immensity workable. The divergence between hanging and folded pieces will ensure you see your clothes more easily.

If there is Space, Use it!

Utilize extra storage for the bottom half of the closet. Organize the clothes you folded or accessories in the cubbies and place shoes underneath. If there is still room, the top [of|part of|area of]184] the organizer take advantage of. There is no unusable space in a closet - only untried possibilities.

Last Call...

If space allows in a bedroom, a rolling rack is the best +1 to any wardrobe. Be proactive and plan your outfits ahead of time, use your best pieces as decoration, or you can still use the rack as another storage option.
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